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1-Hour DJ Set Shoot - Base Package

$150.00 USD

- Base package includes 15 pieces of edited / post-ready content. (bangers only)

- VIP package includes 25 pieces of edited / post-ready content. (bangers only)

- All Multi-Cam shoots include an additional 10 pieces of edited / post-ready content from the additional cameras / angles used during the shoot.

- All Recap Video shoots will be shot with multiple cameras in order to meet the creative and cinematic demands to produce the quality of work we are known for.


- Edits are skillfully crafted in / using a combination of Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro & more to bring out the best of production and you as an artist.

-  If artist  has a desired preference on landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) content for photo or video, please specify that to us prior to your shoot.

- Artist also has option to predetermine the split of the number of photos, videos or reels being provided to best fit their content needs.

 **Alternatively, photographers will handpick a mix comprised of what they consider the best shots / best suited for showcasing the artist, set and event.

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